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Dorset born Kevin Froud grew up in the village of Woodlands near Wimborne and from a young age showed an interest in all things feathered keeping chicken, ducks and even quail. From the age of about 10 he ran a successful enterprise selling eggs "Kev's eggs" and would deliver in the local area on his bicycle with trusty hen 'Posh Spice' on the handle bars. In later years Kev attended Sparsholt College to study Game Keeping and the Ecology of Deer going on to secure employment on Sandringham Estate no less.

Kev's passion for poultry never faded and several years ago he started rearing chicken for the table, producing a small number for friends and family to enjoy and things have grown from there. Now based in Piddlehinton, Kev with the help of his Father Malcolm, wife Jenna and their Labradors (Nettle, Barley & Willow) Kevin produces birds of the highest quality and his chicken has even been endorsed on more than one occasion in the Telegraph by local food writer Rose Prince.

Piddle Valley Chicken are given time to grow slowly on a natural diet with corn, grass & clover giving them their traditional flavour, succulent meat & superior textural quality. Living in grassy paddocks and in small flocks, our chicken have plenty of room to stretch their wings, dust down and forage for bugs amongst the clover."

Piddle Valley Chicken have custom made houses for protection from the elements and Mr Fox, these houses are mobile so we move them to fresh ground every two weeks. They are constructed from metal and plastic rather than wood which means they can be thoroughly cleaned after each group, maintaining high hygiene standards.

Welfare standards are very important to us when rearing our chicken and also during slaughter which is why Kev chooses to process all of our chicken himself on site. This not only reduces the stress caused to the birds during long journeys to an abattoir and keeps the food miles minimal but, most importantly, as the chicken are cared for by one man from day one to their last, we can ensure the birds have been treated humanely. Kev is licensed to dispatch of birds swiftly and effectively with little stress which shows is the quality of the meat.

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